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I Shaved My Head...

Well guys, I did a thing. You see, I've always felt prettiest, most comfortable and readiest to tackle the outside world...when I had my hair done. It was such a part of my identity that I really couldn't separate myself from my hair. If my hair wasn't done to what I considered perfection, sorry friends/co-workers/strangers-who-were-expecting-me, I can't make it. I was completely #teamlonghairdontcare

See what I mean? Super long hair.... really did not fucking care... unless my hair wasn't done. Then I cared. Cared so much I wouldn't leave the house. Or post on social media. Or answer the phone... ok maybe that last part was an exaggeration but you get my drift. I put way too much energy into my hair. Let me go ahead and burst your bubble here by shedding a little light on the situation: ahem, not all of that is my real hair (gasp)! Yes ladies and gentlemen, your girl believes in weave. #okuuuurt

But now, everything is different. For the first time EVER, I can't hide behind my hair. I am, without a doubt, completely and unapologetically RAW. I'm bald bro.

This photo is untouched... kinda like my scalp... and even though it's taking some getting used to (I mean, I can no longer channel my inner Willow Smith and #whipmyhair back and forth) I am learning to love who I am when I don't have my hair to hide behind.

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